Friday, April 4, 2008

Daily Overload

So with the influx of new daily quests I've gotten around the burnout caused by doing the Ogrlia / Skettis combination every day for months. I could only stomach getting Flak Fire'd to my death so many times. Yes I know you can fly lower, but that is no fun.. of course neither was spending the reward money on repairs.

Since the patch I've made a habit to try and do EVERY daily (except Netherwing / PvP/ Instanced) every day so I can finally achieve my dream of an epic mount. Now that our server is on phase 2 we have 2 extra to do. My routine generally looks like this.

Start with the 4 daily quests on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Hearth to Shat, pick up the 4 SSO quests, Cooking and Fishing.

Do the 2 quests in Hellfire Penninsula.

Do the Netherstorm Quest

Do the Battery Quest in Blade's Edge

Do the 4 Ogrila quests

Do the Skettis Quest (Skip Escort)

Do the Nagrand Quest

Do the Cooking / Fishing / Residue quest while doing the above quests.

While I've slacked on a couple of days I generally get this done in 2 hours and make out with quite a bit of money. Since that patch I've made 1400g and so far have managed to hang onto most of it. It's an amazing source of money but I'm already starting to feel the burnout creeping in again. I must persist... I'm tired of being a slow flyer.

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Maulmorr said...

Keep plugging away Lung! It took me forever to get my warrior his mount and my alt rogue sapped me dry too...and not having a stash to fall back on does not feel good. Thankfully, Blizzard created "Casual" content in WoW!