Sunday, June 1, 2008


I totally rocked a guild Kara last night and finished #1 on the all important DPS meter (Let's face it, if you are #1 on a meter you are #1 in life...really). My partners in amazing threat generation were Swiftlight, our Holy Paladin turned Retribution Master, and Ledde, our Master Chain Healer turned Weekend Enhancement facesmasher (He is too pro to stop healing, we would cry). It was a holy trinity of face asploding as each of us played off the other ones abilites and skills and for awhile we all played tank because Maulmorr just couldn't keep up with us. Sadly Ledde had to go after Opera if I remember right. So me and Swift continued on in slightly diminished capacity, but it was still hella fun and I finally got enough Badges to get the Sunguard Legplates, for the next time i have to tank a raid.

P.S. Whirlwind is cheating... according to Ledde.