Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trials of the Zzzz

Spring Break just hasn't been kind to our Guild. Last Sundays Tempest Keep run was called off to poor turnout so Soontir, our guilds uber Holy Priest (and the only one for a long time) suggested a Heroic Arcatraz run. It happened to be the Daily that day and a couple of us needed it for the Trial of the Naaru so off we went. I was dreading actually working on my Trials because most of the heroics you had to do were ones I had never tanked or ones I had never been to on heroic period. I don't like to be the idiot in the group (Quiet guys!).

Arcatraz was one I had been to once months ago when I was Fury and I remember little about it (I dont count numerous Kara Key runs I helped with), but recently another group of guildies had such a horrible run our Feral Tank (Mooire aka Ferocious Bite) swore she would never go back. Our group however (Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Hunter, Hunter) was about as flawless as possible and only had one wipe one of the pulls before Skyriss. We even one shot the first boss and I had never even downed him before.

One down... three to go!

Monday is an off night for the guild and the Daily Heroic was Shadow Labyrinth. One of our Mages (Solaeh) was in a group with some of his former guildmates and asked me to Tank. I'm leary of doing things with people I don't know but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get another part of the Trials out of the way. Things were fairly smooth until Vorpil. I will interject here and say SL was one instance I had never run on Heroic and I hadn't bothered to read up on any changes. So after giving the rundown, changing into my DPS gear and engaging I wasn't prepared for my immediate banish and the following cluster**** that followed. Vorpil 1, Us 0...

We wiped a couple more times and a forming ZA guild run caused Solaeh to run away in search of loot. One of the other guys found a replacement and we resumed bashing our head into a wall. For some reason we just couldn't survive, I hadn't really bothered to check my fellow party members gear level because we had done well up to this point and I was determined to get through this. On the last attempt I popped Rampage early in the fight and that made all the difference. We wiped once more on Murmur due to not fully understanding how the encounter played out but afterwards it was cake.

Two down... halfway done!

Tuesday was supposed to be our SSC night but Spring Break continued to affect our turnout so we did not go. I put it to those online if anyone wanted to assist with the Steamvault portion of my Trial. I got some guildmates together nad in we went. Steamvaults was the one I was most comfortable with, and tried to hurry a little. My impatience wiped us about 2x before Thespia, but can I be blamed for getting feared right into a group of mobs when I could have been sent any other direction? Thespia also posed a bit of a problem because we didn't have a Warlock to banish, but we ended up killing her with ease. After the initial idiot moments we cleared Steamvaults with ease.

The Final Trial remains!

Shattered Halls was another Heroic I had never done before and the fact that this particular Trial was timed always puts me on edge (45 minute Baron can kiss my ***). Our fearless GM and ungodly creater of dps(Gankszor), and his wife, the Heroic Arc hater(Mooire) also needed this Trial so we set it up for Saturday. On the day of the run I grabbed our lonely Holy priest (Soontir) and our Holy Paladin's mage alt (Vahj..err lets call him Slim) and with such an all-star team I wasn't worried about having trouble... and we didn't. We killed Kargath with probably 30 minutes to spare.

Obviously doing the Trials a year ago without the benefit of Tier 5 gear was really a challenging task. But for those of us who were slackers doing it now is just fine... except wiping on trash in Heroics...what a bunch of scrubs. *sigh*

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