Thursday, April 17, 2008


17/44/0, better known as Fury... for Warriors it's the subtle art of crazy fast damage all over the enemy's face, and I've been handed the opportunity to switch back to Fury for a hybrid raiding role. I help the other Tanks with trash until we come to the boss. Then I change into my superhero outfit and proceed to go wild, because god knows how awesome 3 fully spec'd Prot Tanks are for DPS.

It's an unenviable position though. Protection Talents do an amazing amount of work for your ability to stay alive and even though my Tank Gear is mainly T5 level if I'm tanking two raid mobs I get lit up like a Christmas Tree rather easily. Then I have to break out the serious damage for bosses, and I'm feeling rusty. The last time I had run a raid as Fury was during our early Gruul attempts. I'm still doing respectable, but I feel I could improve. It's a fine balance between Hit Rating (~220 optimized for raid bosses before food), Attack Power (1829 base), and Crit % (30.2% base).

Currently my miss rate on white damage is 8-9% and it feels like I could get it lower, I've had a talk with my old mentor who made other DPS classes look bad but he was an Orc so he has a perfect racial for this kinda thing. I'm also using some Armor Penetration, around 160 not counting Executioner Procs. It's supposed to be the future and it will definetly come into play when I start collecting T6 equipment.

Either way it's already more DPS than we had when we were all Protection, but it could probably be even better, and I'm definetly going to work on it.

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