Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kaz'rogal down!

Sunday's raid was killed because of the holiday weekend. My T5 helmet will have to wait.

Tuesday night's Hyjal went extremely well. We cleared Rage and Anetheron fairly quickly with only one wipe on Anetheron. The evauation of the Alliance Base was pretty funny as we went the wrong way, so those standing got murdered by the spawn and the rest got cut down as they fled the right way. We got to mine for epic gems and ironiclly only our GM was able to pull all epics, I guess Rogues have a use after all.

Once we got settled into the next base we began our first attempt at Kaz trash. As with doing anything the first time you aren't quite sure what to do. Most of the raid got caught trying to DPS gargoyles where they were and when Wave 5 came strolling up myself and the Prot Pally made a heroic attempt to tank all the mobs...yeah it didn't work.

So armed with that knowledge our 2nd attempt saw us clear through the trash amazingly easy, until the last wave our Prot Pally fell over dead and some mobs got loose and killed off the ranged dps. Rezzing 5-6 casters when a boss that kills them by draining their mana is strolling up does not bode well. Regardless we got to around 35%, without using the NPCs.

The third try was the charm, Kaz got wasted. Unfortunately he didn't drop the only thing I care for from him... so I wasn't as happy.

I got to run as Fury, with a ret pally and a windfury totem it made quite an impact. I also cranked out a 2nd Wicked Edge since the last time I was Fury and after looking at last night's numbers I think it was well worth it. On another note I got the tank cape that drops from trash, so I fell yet further into the DKP hole. But I'll overcome, somehow.


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Ferocious Bite said...

You did get Pepe's shroud though! I thought about bidding on it with you but since I just got an uber new staff, I decided not to hog all the goodies. ;)