Thursday, May 22, 2008

DKP Credit Card

After last night's raid I noticed I became the new champion of DKP spending in our guild. I'm almost like an out of control teenager with Daddy's credit card. Supremus dropped the Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury and I just had to have them... at one point I had sunk as low as -81 DKP and managed to climb back to -19 before I picked up the Ring of the Abyssal Lord last week and now the shoulders yesterday.

...and to make matters worse this Sunday we are planning on finally going back to Void Reaver, who through no small amount of bad luck still hasn't dropped enough T5 Shoulders for me to have one (I'm the only Tank in our Guild without them...I think). I may have better now but I'm closing in on the new badge legs and I need a way to keep the 2 piece T5 bonus (For Warriors it's HUGE) until I get the Helm from Vashj, which is a pure upgrade.

I haven't really explained this to our GM, who might find it odd that I'm getting outdated gear. But we haven't been to Vashj since our first kill and I don't when we will go there again. I have a feeling that I will forever be in the hole... and as a Tank, currently the Main Tank for the time being that is a bad spot to be in.

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Ferocious Bite said...

We're doing Vashj Sunday, silly. :P But, I want the helm too and I'm not in dkp debt. :D